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"A Gift from Dad"

Cremosos Gourmet Ices is an ice pop business founded in 2021 by Enmanuel Almonte. The inspiration for the business came just three days after the passing of Enmanuel's father, Nicolás. Enmanuel got the idea of making esquimalitos and felt it was a special gift from his father, sent from heaven as a sign of appreciation for always supporting him during his toughest times. To honor his father's memory, Enmanuel wanted to create a premium gourmet esquimalito that would set itself apart.

At Cremosos Gourmet Ices, we are driven by our love and passion for crafting high-quality frozen treats that inspire peace, love, and happiness. As a Latino-owned business, our mission is to represent our culture through every delicious flavor we create. We invite you to try our refreshing treats and taste the passion we put into every box. Welcome to our sweet family!

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